Jade Helm: Obama’s End Plan To Destroy Christianity and Jesus

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The future of Texas is in peril.  Barack Hussein Obama, the harbinger of Liberal Darkness, has assembled a deadly menagerie of agents and devices whose sole purpose is to destroy Christianity and wage war on the the moral people of Texas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has placed the state’s National Guard on high alert.  Chuck Norris is rallying the locals and encouraging them o train their bodies and spirits, as it is only feasible Obama is making a power move in the Lone Star State.

What Is The Jade Helm 15?

The Jade Helm 15 is the code name for the chief agents and provocateurs of Obama’s Texas takeover.   In addition to troops forced to follow his command, Obama has assembled an elite group of propaganda artists, super scientists and warfare techniques to ensure Texas falls before him.  This is a power play right of the book of Xerxes himself.

The document above was leaked by an insider within the Obama administration.  The document shows the Jade Helm 15, who ironically will begin their attack on July 15, 2015.  15 + 15 +15 is an Illuminati code for 1 and 5, 1 and 5, 1 and 5.  When you do that, you can see Obama is revealing 6 + 6 + 6.

1.  Barack Hussein Obama – The POTUS

Barack Obama not only holds the Presidency of the United States in his hands, but he also is consolidating his power base and moving to exalt himself beyond legal office.  If Obama takes over Texas, he will be fulfilling ancient Egyptian prophecy that many acolytes to Obamanism believe he is destined to fulfill.

Obama believes he is a god among man, a being who is above the law, the Constitution, America’s Christian tradition and the American people.  If he is able to take over Texas, there may be no stopping Obama as he plunges the world into a New Dark Age in which Christians are destroyed and a morally bereft Republican of socialism arises.

2.  Bernie Sanders – The Great Divider

Libertarian Bernie Sanders has been put into play by Obama.  He is on the 2016 presidential ballot not to win, but to instead divide up the Republican vote in Texas.  Obama wants nothing more than Hillary Clinton to take office and to lend her support to his war campaign along America’s Western seaboard.

3.  Hillary Clinton – President Pro-temp

After Obama kidnaps President Bush, forces him to recant his faith in God and uses military force to overthrow Governor Abbott in a coup backed by Russian conscripts and Mexican mercenaries, Obama will of course face the wrath of the US Senate and the Supreme Court.

If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election, she will simply declare marshal law and have all US Senators and dissenting justices arrested, all while letting Obama continue his campaign to conquer Texas, New Mexico, Utah and California.

4.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Astrophysics, Rocket Doctor, Bringer of Armageddon

Besides wooing women with his soothing baritone narratives and making them melt for his crazy scientific theories, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is also a mad genius.  Unfortunately, Tyson does not believe in using his knowledge to benefit America.  Instead, Tyson brainwashes children to believe in nonsense such as the Big Bang Theory.

As evidenced in his show Cosmos, Tyson is conspiring with a secret society to build advanced spacecraft that can not only cause asteroids to move, but can also cause meteors to hurtle toward Earth at any location.  Obama can therefore wield God-like abilities and smite his enemies with meteorites.

5.  David Letterman – Master of Climate Change/Weather, Snarky Propaganda Artist

David Letterman’s sudden retirement from his late night show on CBS is no coincidence.  With only the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel as competition, it would seem odd that Letterman would balk-and-run away from challenging these comedic featherweights who rely on viral YouTube video sensation to stay relevant.

Letterman has always had a bone to pick with President Bush, therefore he has a bone to pick with Jesus.  All throughout President George W. Bush’s president, Letterman defied Bush’s leadership and did not help the country unify behind the Christian president at its most crucial moments.

Bill O’Reilly warned Letterman is a dangerous man.  Aside from his snarky commentary and Top Ten lists, Letterman has an extensive mastery of weather sciences.  Many forget that Letterman’s background is a weatherman and meteorology.  How does once go from studying weather and meteors, to hosting a CBS show?  It is called the long con.

Letterman has a legion of loyal, wealthy followers aged 65 and older.  He will make jokes about Tyson’s Cosmos machine striking Texas with meteors, all while actually being one of the chief scientists helping with the calculations that wipe out Christian cities who defy Obama.

6.  Al Sharpton

Sharpton is conspiring with Obama to start Civil War II in America.  As the country is busy rioting in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, Obama will sit back and watch as citizens go to war against the police and their local governments.  All this distraction will provide the perfect cover for Obama’s military takeover in Texas.

7.  Mysterious Unknown Agent #6+

The seventh member of Jade Helm, and the 6th agent serving under Obama, is an unknown rogue.  Operatives working within the Obama administration can only confirm Agent 6 ‘is rumored to have knowledge, power and ability beyond that of normal men.’

8.  Gay Recruiters

Ask any family and friends who live in Texas; over the past year, the number of gays randomly living throughout the state has sharply increased.  This is not a coincidence.

Obama is paying college-aged graduates to settle in Texas.  The only requirement?  The graduates must be gay and into heavy use of gay recruiting sites like Tinder and Grindr.   They drive around in cars and party, making grown men envious and curious about their lifestyle.  They will befriend husbands, local college students and even the elderly playing chess in the park.

Their end goal is to tempt men into at least one gay encounter, so they will be sympathetic to Obama as he mandates  required homosexual activity for all men in America.

9.  George Clooney

The pretty face of the operation.

10.  Shep Smith

Ample evidence shows that Fox News anchor Shep Smith is a double-agent who works for Obama.  Smith has consistently failed to maintain talking points, going off script and admitting that some media companies were purposely trying to instigate riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Shep Smith constantly puts his sense of entitlement above what’s important:  defeating the liberal agenda and building the Republican base.  It does not matter if black people are upset because they think cops are targeting their youth, the narrative has to remain that Obama is exploiting the situation, upset rioters are thugs and yes, sometimes it is the responsibility of media to rile the crowd to trick them into actions that fit the narrative.   Smith’s greed and bleeding heart liberal reporting will only destroy Texan’s sense of right and wrong.

11.  ASIMO

Many people do not know that Obama and the Chinese have conspired to make a robot that can track and capture Christians.  Obama can create thousands of these robots at a time and track every Christian in a city in a matter of days.  The robot is cruel:  CCTV footage exists that shows the robot dramatically kicking missionaries from the top of towering skyscrapers in Shanghai.

12.  Fidel Castro – The Golden Tiger

Many people have forgotten a crucial fact:  Fidel Castro is not dead.  Why is it that Castro suddenly gave up rule in Cuba and Obama suddenly decided to end over 60 years of trade embargos against a people who plotted to destroy America and Jesus with Soviet nuclear bombs?

Fidel Castro has been spotted in Mexico, training elite soldiers in guerrilla combat and actually serving as ‘acting leader’ of Mexico.  Castro has consolidated his power as the dictator of Mexico, while his brother Raul serves as the viceroy of Cuba.  Russia is now closer than ever to finally finishing the mission it sought to begin during the Cuban Missile Crisis:  destroy capitalism.

13 – 15.  BBQ Brainwashing, Homosexual Chemtrails and Genetic Warfare

As we saw when Obama literally turned Indiana from being anti-gay-marriage to pro-gay marriage in one day, Obama and his administration possess an uncanny mastery of microbiology.

Chemtrails are converting men day by day, causing over 50% of men to now claim to be secretly or agnostic gay.  Only a year ago, we saw Obama brought Ebola to Texas.  New reports show that Ebola can lay latent in the eye and not manifest until weeks later, when many are infected.

It’s also well known that Texans love BBQ, so do not be surprised when we hear about people suddenly having gay thoughts or pro-Obama words after eating a few short ribs at the grill.

The Jade Helm 15 are coming to Texas.  It is the responsibility of every American to stand with Texas so they can withstand this storm of liberal destruction being precipitated by Obama.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

Delivering crisp and professional journalism to the world.


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