Current Mission

Originally founded by several colleagues as a bastion of satirical commentary that focused on current issues, Big American News has since evolved to a premier source of biting commentary, news analysis and cultural review of historic and modern times.

Since its inception, Big American News has provided entertainment and news and opinion for over 40 million informed readers. Our writers and actors have been interviewed by news organizations — from conservative leaning orgs like Fox to ABC News and NBC — and inspired several movies and TV shows. With a staff and informed audience spanning the globe, Big American News continues its original mission to entertain, inform and inspire thought.

Classic Mission Statement:

Founded upon the philosophy of America’s natural right of Manifest Destiny and a Free Press, Big American News Media strives to ensure quality American-centric news coverage permeates every nation, every culture, every lifestyle and every home on the planet Earth.

But alas, the world is in peril.  Good stories and good news are being suffocated by old, manipulative media who are in the game for greed, political gain and other detestable shenanigans.    That is where our community comes in.

Big American News Media was built upon the principles of fearless reporting, loudly yelled opinions and facts proudly born of raw gut instinct.  For far too long, this type of exposed, primal journalism has been caged. That’s where we come in.

Together with a team of international  journalists, you will report and explore the world’s most pervasively interesting cultures and lifestyles, seek out the best in entertainment, science and politics and ensure that no matter the topic, no matter the audience, the truth shall ring clarion in the ears and hearts of all in this little world we like to call Big America.

Big American News Media

No bias. No spin. No partisan politics. Just plain good news.

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