God Unleashes Coldest Blizzard In History of America, Gays Are To Blame


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The gays have once again forced God’s hand of wrath into action.   Just one day after Valentine’s Day in the newly gay friendly America, look at what God has unleashed upon us.  It is obvious that he’s very upset that so many married male couples shared romantic dinners, fleshy knowing eye gazes across the candlelit tables as their marriage rings glistened beneath the candle light.

gay marriageThe National Weather Service has warned this is a “Biblical Series of Storms“, while the Mayor of Boston has taken to social media to beg people to stay inside their homes and hide away from the most brutal winter weather of the modern communication era.

[adinserter name=”bigsky”]Our Christian Broadcasting Center reported the news as seen to the right, where a heavy snowfall is expected in areas dense with homosexual marriages.


What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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  1. To the Facebookers up there know that there is secret sin everywhere and apparently the East coast has plenty, just look at how Boston is being shoveled under. You cannot claim that all these blood moons, earthquakes in areas without fault lines and now blizzards so cold they are setting world records is not a divine warning.

    • I think is is silly for man to think that the Earth is going to be around forever. Every year the Earth is tilting farther and farther on it’s axis. It is also document that every year the Moon is pulling away from the Earth. Not one of these have anything to do with the Gay community. Mother Earth is getting tired of supporting all these people on her surface.

  2. People have been blaming their ‘God’ or ‘Gods’ for every comet, natural disaster, eclipse and even high tides for thousands of years. As humans, we always feel like there has to be some higher power at act when things get good or bad. But, when we start blaming people in our society for bringing down the wrath, that is just a bigoted, hate spreading rant. Hitler blamed the Jewish people for the economic woes of Germany, which enticed thousands to look the other way while millions of people were slaughtered. The Khmer Rouge blamed capitalists for the woes of his country, eliciting the deaths of 2 million civilians. This is what hate speech does….. Try loving and helping your fellow man instead of trying to find your differences and blaming others for the weather. I prefer the way of Jesus…. “Heal the sick. Feed the hungry. Care for the weakest among us. And always pray in private.”

  3. How about we all pull our heads out and realize that no matter what your “background” it is “us” – the population as a whole that is to blame for the extreme weather conditions? Anybody ever hear of “global warming??” “WE” are doing this to ourselves – no intervention from the “higher-ups” necessary ….

  4. people want to blame gay people for the blizzards but these folks that are pointing fingers on gays need too stop finger pointing because judging is also a sin.and trust and believe one sin isnt any greater then the other have a blessed day

  5. Well whould they blame if gay people didnt live there? Oh bad luck and that is more the truth!! God does not believe in us juding others but i guess some people thank they are god!! So they judge anyway noe who is going to judge them? Well not me i will leave it to god!!

  6. well who would they blame if gays didn’t live there? Oh bad luck and that is the truth. God does not want us to judge others but some people thank they are god!! So they judge others anyway but who will judge them? Not me I will leave it up to god!!

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