Obama Performs Illuminati Daylight Savings Time Ritual To Cast World Into Liberal Darkness, One Hour Earlier

obama daylight savings time
Obama performed the ancient Illuminati ‘Daylight Savings Time’ right, an annual ritual designed to strip an hour of daylight away from Christians.

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Daylight Saving Time is one of the most confusing days of the year.  Its history ties to that of ancient Egypt, which is critical in understanding this ancient holiday that Obama was meant to carry out.  Obama’s ancestry dies directly into the history of Kenya and Egypt, and the demigods who used Satanic privilege to do supernatural things.

Before getting deeper into Obama’s ties to the occult and the Tok’Ra (anti-Ra) holiday of Daylight Savings Time, it is first important to understand the history of the false god Ra (actually a demon) and his great enemy Apophis.

Apep, also called Apophis, was the god of chaos and Ra’s greatest enemy. He was said to lie just below the horizon line, trying to devour Ra as Ra descended into the underworld. As he swallowed Ra, this led to the setting of the sun and when he had completely swallowed Ra this lead to nighttime.

It is a well known fact that Obama resembles the ancient Egyptian “god” Apophis.  This fact has been consistently portrayed in modern media.  We’ll explore these facts more a little later.

Though the ancient Egyptians did not know it, Ra was their equivalent concept to God proper.  And as in every nation who actually worships God, there arose a liberal cult of darkness who sought to destroy everything light and moral, so that they could rule in an age of liberal darkness.

Ra represented life, creation, the light and the Sun in ancient Egypt.  Apophis represented gay marriage, marijuana, illegal Mexicans and business taxes.

As the cult of Apophis grew in ancient Egypt, they standardized a holiday called ‘Destroy Daylight and Jesus, For Apophis’.  Sound familiar?

cartouche hieroglyphics
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show the words “Destroy Daylight and Jesus, for Apophis”. These words are found on cartouche all over Egypt and is rumored to be included in Obamas White House decor.


Eventually the Egyptian cult of Apophis took power and almost immediately, the civilization of Egypt went from one of power and grandeur, to the third-world nation it is today.  It would seem that the cult of Apophis was wiped out.

But alas, it was not.

Sometime in the early 1700s, a group of men called Free Masons discovered a series of cartouche in the ruins of ancient Egypt.  The writings were translated and revealed ancient cult secrets.

These men used these secrets to imbue themselves and others with great power beyond that of other men, and now call themselves the Illuminati.

[adinserter name=”bigsky”]Their end goal was to always make it so that the source of all these ancient supernatural powers and knowledge, Apophis, would one day walk the world again in the body of a chosen human.

My friends, that chosen human is Obama.  For years now liberals have said Daylight Savings Time was just a process to save energy and give farmers more time to work their fields.  These are all lies:  it was just getting us used to a ritual that had to be performed so that Obama could become a vessel for Apophis.  This has been in the works all through Obama’s presidency.  Behold.

Is Obama the Vessel for the Ancient God Apophis?


Obama gathers powers of ancient Gods at Stonehenge, the gathering place for acolytes of Apophis during the 1300s.

We know of this Christianless time of Liberal Darkness as The Dark Ages.


The first age of Liberal Darkness occurred several thousand years ago.  Christians were forced to hide and the world suffered:  no new scientific discoveries, people died of the Black Death (EBOLA) and Satan reigned supreme.  Everyone wore gothy Marilyn Manson clothing and vampires lurked the street, searching for the blood of any remaining innocents.

It was not until a Christian Revolution in the early 1400s that Earth crawled out of its Dark Age Period, a time known as the Renaissance.  During this time, Christian Kings took charge and quickly killed off vampires with holy water and holy crosses.  The nights were again safe.  They fixed the world economy, chased Muslim terrorists back to their lands and made the world right again.

But alas, my friends, Satan is very patient and has an eternal life span.  The Bible warns that again he shall seek to establish a new Dark Age upon the world and what better person to lead a Dark Age than Obama.

Legend holds that when the chosen Knight of Darkness enters Stonehenge, a great power of the ancient magicians, Satanic priests and dark giants should fall upon him.  Here is the kicker my friends.  This picture was taken only moments after Obama walked into the center of Stonehenge.


The power of Satan falls upon Obama!

Now, weeks ago we warned that Obama was seen wielding ancient Norse hammers and controlling lightning.  I believe he is slowly traveliing the world, seeking out ancient relics so that he may increase his powers.  Perhaps we were right all along?  Could he be gaining the powers of the Antichrist?

Let’s look at more evidence:


Obama uses the power of mind control to cause a crowd of tourists to worship him beneath the Super Moon.

obama wielding Mjölnir

Obama shocks Norse bystanders as he casually lifts Mjolnir, a mighty weapon of the fallen angel and false god Thor, who now serves as a chief demon of Satan.

Obama can de-age himself within a day.  This is proof that he has a sarcophagus.


In only a matter of hours, above we see Obama looks like he is about 53 in the first photograph, then ‘magically’ is no more than 39 in the second photograph.  You can see his skin has more vigor and pink hue, he has less wrinkles and his hairline has grown back down in the second photograph.  How is this possible?


Above, we can see the ‘cult’ of an Egyptian god-kin waiting for their lord to arise, renewed and younger than we he got into his sarcophagus.  You can bet the Democrats have stolen all types of tax money to create a bunch of them for Obama and his cronies.

Have you noticed John Kerry always has a very thick, fabulous head of hair for his age?

Obama starred in Remember The Time with Michael Jackson

obama reincarnated egyptian pharaoh godking proof michael jackson neferti

Even before becoming president and thinking of himself as “God Pharaoh” of the world, Obama had a fascination with dressing in authentic, real Egyptian clothing.  He sought out the musical talents of Michael Jackson to make songs about his life as an Egyptian god-king, so he could live out old memories of power without raising too much suspicion.

Verdict:  GUILTY of being a False-god

Undated photo of Obama.


Obama may not be the anti-Christ, but he is surely a close second as he is showing the same abilities that were possessed by the Pharaoh god-Kings of ancient.  We’ve seen him wield mind control over the masses, destroy America’s economy, get away with it and do all sorts of other evil, supernatural things.  Obama is surely not of this Earth and even in the picture to the right, you can see a gazy dream-eyed stare of him longing to bring back his glory days of ancient Egypt.

We have to get him out of office in 2016, so he does not start building pyramids around the country and enslaving the Children of Israen, the Children of America and everyone else who does not bow before him like he did in times long, long ago.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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  1. Thanks for spreading ignorance and propaganda. I’m enthralled with your persistance to dedicate your worthless consumerist life to write an epic piece of bullshit. Your need to spread confusion is a common trait shared between Satan and Obama! Your ancestors would be proud… that you are here and not dead, with them. Enough with the sweet sarcasm. Read a book instead of the internet you fuck.

  2. This guy needs to be locked up for his own safety. He shouldn’t be allowed alone on the sidewalk in front of his house.

  3. I just want to respond to emails I am getting from my journalism here and addressed some issues. Some people are taking issue with the FACT that there is no scientific reason to have Daylight Saving Time, yet Obama was only to happy to usher it in this year. There are pictures of Obama manifesting power and he even said ‘that looks like me’ while winking to the camera during one of his tax-payer funded trips to Egypt. How much of this do we have to see until people wake up and smell the coffee. We can just agree to disagree but the facts are facts here.

    • I can see that you are reasonably well informed about the Daylight Savings Time/ Obama Illuminati Time Ritual but I believe it’s worse than you may even know. My network informs me that all analogue time will soon be dispensed with and only digital time will be allowed going forward. The reason is that the NSA has by now fully penetrated all digital time with Chronostuxnet and they now need only phase out the last of analogue time (which cannot be monitored or sabotaged by Chronostuxnet) holdouts to gain complete control of time.

  4. Fess up! You ripped this off from a Fox News documentary, which ripped it off Glen Beck (that’s why they canned him), who stole it from the original last chapter of Killing Jesus: Obama Did It! Plagiarist!

  5. This s a joke right… trying to make connections between unrelated facts.. Little weird fact strings that lead to sensational conclusions- in a way that would make my logic teacher groan. So, what does Obama have to do with Daylight Savings Time again? Since every president “was only to happy to usher it in this year” how is Obama different in that regard? I’m starting to think the guy is serious- but maybe I’m being put on????

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