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Obama is Officially Declaring War on Easter


President Obama has been waiting for this exact moment to seize all happiness and joy from the playful minds and hearts of happy Easter-celebrating Christians this weekend. The Easter weekend has been in early celebration since Friday. Obama has been lying in wait under the murky waters of hatred  to spring forth this brutal and ugly war time upon the happily drinking and unsuspecting Christians as they celebrate this happy and joyful time of nice weather, glorious deeds done by Christ, and friends and family gatherings.

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Not only has this been Obama’s plan all along, but his entire cabinet has helped him plan this ugly time of war from beginning to the inevitable end. It makes me sick how  he could do this to us! He plans to release his deadly force of chemtrail jets on Easter Sunday upon families as they gather for the Easter celebration.

Be aware of his evil plans as you and your family celebrate this happy time. Beware the Obama!

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Written by Cadence Appleton


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