Florida Lawyer Dressed As Grim Reaper Haunts Florida Beaches To Protest Reopening

A lawyer in Florida has amazingly donned the cowl of the Grim Reaper to warn would-be beachgoers away from death.

The lawyer is protesting the reopening of Florida beaches as state officials have allegedly forbade the state coroner from publicly listing the amount of deaths from the coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes – COVID-19 – has shown major shortfalls in the modern healthcare delivery system in terms of equipment and capacity, the fragility of supply chain and the issue with the Internet generation giving politicians and non-experts dangerous ability to quickly spread misinformation.

Lack of testing for the virus and reopening without knowing the associated deathrate of the virus can be very dangerous and cause a drastic increase in numbers, much as seen as after beachgoers flocked the state parks after spring break.

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Written by Gene Fairbanks

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