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Angry Honeybee Protesters Storm Honeycomb Amid Murder Hornet Lockdown

Honeybees that were ordered to lockdown after an invasive Murder Hornet species purportedly tore through the skies, decapitating all native honeybees in their path, angrily flew out from their homes to protest stay at home orders they felt were unconstitutional.

Let the Weak DYE! wrote one of the protesters on their sign as they stormed and protested their state officials.

The protesters were seen carrying AR-15 rifles and carrying signs, expressing feelings that the murder hornet reports were just fake news performed by crisis actors and being used by people like Dr. Fauci to destroy Jesus and rule in a new world order with Bill Gates.

Some of the other protesters were seen carrying confederate and honeybee-superiority symbology.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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