Gay Marriage To Blame for Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight Being So Boring


Testosterone-laced sweat pouring from the face of two fighters did not go flying into the crowd with each grueling punch, the chemicals soaking the skin of fans as they cheered for more and more bloodshed.  .  No, instead, this fight was filled with pseudo-grunts and grimaces, no passion and simply wanting to show up to receive a big fat paycheck.  Welcome to boxing in the homosexualized testosterone world.

Gay marriage has once again poked its head into mainstream culture. Last night millions of people tuned in to watch what was to be the fight of the century, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather versus the feisty Manny Pacquiao in a grueling battle of sweat and hard-earned muscles exhausting themselves to achieve victory and domination.

[adinserter name=”bigskyright”]But that was not what America received. This was no Prime-era Tyson knockout fest or a Thrilla in Manilla. No, what America and the rest of the world received was a Sonny and Cher concert special, headlined with special appearances by Pavarotti, Babs Streissand and Elton John.

It was almost telling that the National Anthem seemed a bit snockered and excessive, a typical state-of-being for any West Hollywood male on a Saturday night.

But who would have predicted the prize fight of the century would be a game of hissing cat and sassy mouse, the aggressive and muscly Pacquiao chasing around a pretty-boy Mayweather who was too scared to get into a serious tussle? Despite its billing as the greatest fight of the century, there were no mighty flurries of punches or dramatic haymakers that brought the crowd to their feet.

This fight is obvious evidence of one true point: there is a government conspiracy to water down testosterone so men just aren’t men anymore.   Modern men are sassy and calculating, fretting about their appearance and how to spend their paycheck on the latest chic fashion instead of going out to maul their opponents to death.  Sure, Pacquiao has a higher dose of testosterone coursing his veins than Mayweather, who allegedly has to hit on women, but even beyond that there is just a difference to these modern ‘fighters’ who don’t have the rage, aggression, stamina, pride, showmanship and grit that the old fighters of pre-homosexual agenda would show.

Here’s a great example. Floyd Mayweather Sr. versus Sugar Ray Leonard. Notice that Mayweather Sr. is fighting with honor and not tippy-tossing around the ring like his son. No matter how badly Sugar Ray would lay into him, Mayweather Sr. fought with honor and pride. His manhood was on the line.

Pride and honor: these new age fighters care nothing about it. Yes, Pacquiao fans, that was a sore-sport move for Manny to say he lost the fight because he fought hurt.   Cry everyone a river?  Do you think the brave soldiers who stormed France on D-day gave a damned about a sore shoulder?  This was to be a fight between gladiators, but instead the world was treated to a ballet between to muscled Madonnas about to be paid 9 figures.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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