Obama Plans to Invade Texas, Kidnap George W. Bush and Create A New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness


Texas Governor Greg Abott has placed the state on high alert:  Barack Obama is invading the state on July 15th.

Officials in the state of Texas were alerted to Obama’s master plan to start a Civil War in America.  While riling up racial tensions as seen in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, out west Obama plans to take a more direct military approach.

Texas residents such as Chuck Norris are already organizing minutemen to prepare for an invasion, training locals in basic martial arts and self-defense.

Why is Texas so important for Obama’s plan to invade Western America and create a new kingdom of Liberal Darkness?

Texas has a Constitutional right to become five independent states from America without repercussion.  Obama knows that if he can take over the state government of Texas, fix the ballots and make the state withdraw, he will suddenly have unfettered control of the world’s 10th most powerful economy.

This is why Obama is making pacts with Mexico and illegal immigrants.  Those protected by Obama’s new amnesty plan are mercenaries from Mexico and South America.  Obama is promising them that if they help him in his post-2016 efforts in America, then they will be treated as first class citizens.

Obama is code-naming his invasion of Texas as the Jade Helm 15, a code phrase named after a Egyptian false-god known as Thoth.  On the 15th Jade Tablet erected above the entrance to his pyramid, Thoth had one of his high priests inscribe, ‘The day shall come, when my son shall also arise, and rebuild my kingdom, and my people shall again arise.’  Obama’s ties to Kenya and Egypt are well known, and there is sufficient evidence that proves Obama and his acolytes see him as a modern day god-king with supernatural ability.

Barack Obama knows that his time is almost up in the White House, so he is causing racial unrest in America so everyone is distracted from his master plan to cause a Civil War.  There is already a leaked photograph of Obama drawing out his war plans, but now there is even more proof that Obama plans to build his kingdom in oil-rich Texas.

Only one day ago, two ‘scouts’ appeared in Texas and tried to commit an act of terror.  Fortunately, Texas is on high alert and Obama’s joint mission with ISIS and Russia failed.   President George W. Bush tried to warn America last week about all of this, but after hearing Obama planned to take over the Bush ranch during his invasion of Texas, President Bush became concerned about his family and tried to withdraw his words.

Make no mistake, Obama would love to hold President George W. Bush as his prisoner and try to make him recant his faith in God on national television.  Obama is planning to work with the army of Mexico, mercenaries from South America and Russian conscripts to make a push through the Gulf of Mexico.  With a beachhead set in Texas, Obama can then push out and start a Western invasion of tech-rich California, all while the rest of America is torn in a Civil War started by this summer’s race riots.

Leaked Document:  Obama’s Invasion Plans for American Southwest



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