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COVID – Christian’s Only Virus is Democrats

The hands of Democrats are unwashed of great sins, greedily reaching out to take the riches, pure bodies and land of the righteous.

Every day, US media works had to divide us and remind us of how different we are from anyone who labels themselves liberal, clamoring for such sick things as equal healthcare for all, treatment for the coronavirus and equitable rights for everyone.

In this confusing time we may ask what does it all mean. Why is there a disease called COVID in the land?

The answer is simple: it is a sign. While ‘scientists’ have made up a name for this disease and have all these ridiculous ‘articles’ about it, we of Republican faith know the greatest scientist and here is what the virus really means: Christian’s Only Virus is Democrats. This wisdom was given to us in 2019. That gives us COVID-19.

The hands of the democrats are swarming and diseased with sin (homosexuality, poverty,, etc) and always reaching out to get freebies from the righteous. COVID is a reminder that the true virus to your body and soul is the policy and antics of DEMOCRATS. KEEP AMERICA OPEN!

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Written by Helen Jo Ellen

Love nice walks and meeting up with my friends to chat. Baking with the grands is my heart. Sharing my thoughts to a fading world is my passion.


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