Obama Unleashes Tornadoes in Texas To Terrorize Christians, President Bush, Jesus and Chuck Norris

Just like his mentor Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama believes in making war with his political enemies upfront and personal  Only days ago we saw how Obama will even fight and hit a woman, betraying a fellow liberal democrat if she dare defy his edict.

So it should come as no surprise that Obama seeks war with President George W. Bush, Jesus, Governor Greg Abbott, Chuck Norris and the good Christian people of Texas.  A normal president would realize that everyone in that list above is a true American and was raised in the same value system, but Obama is not a normal president.  He was born in Kenya.  He attended madrassas instead of kindergarten.   His middle name is Hussein and he wants to be allies with Iran terrorists.

Obama is using sophisticated technology, the very technology that Democrats use to create false climate change, and creating pockets of ‘global warming’ in Texas.

By creating pockets of warm air and mixing it with cold air still blowing down from the Colorados, Obama is able to create tornadoes that appear at his command.  It is no coincidence that the Midwest, especially states with high levels of Christian-density like Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, are being hit with so many tornadoes.

Obama is especially vexed with Texas as Governor Abbott and Chuck Norris have warned the populate of Obama’s invasion plans.  Obama would love to do nothing more than kidnap President Bush and make him recant his faith in God on national television, all while forcing him to admit he is guilty of ‘war crimes’ against Iraq and then ship him off to the Hague where the twisted European liberals can have their way with him with all their kooky laws and traditions.

But Obama knows Texas will not fall without a fight.  The people of Texas are strong, independent and Christian.  With Chuck Norris heading up minuteman training schools and Governor Abbott not afraid to pray and listen to Jesus’ guidance on the field of battle, Obama’s plans to conspire with ISIS, Russia and Mexicans will never win.

Do not forget, mercenaries from Mexico already plotted with European liberals to invade Texas, so Obama is just rehashing old Trotsky-era plans to create a beachhead in Texas and then start a US invasion, so that Democrats may destroy Jesus and usher in a new age of Liberal Darkness.


How Are Christians Fairing Against Obama’s Tornadoes in Texas?

xinsrc_470601021102161286415One of the greatest Christian visionaries in Texas, President George W. Bush, was forced to flee the Bush ranch earlier this weekend.  Governor Abbott ordered the National Guard to bring a chopper to the Bush ranch and save President Bush from Obama.

As seen in the photograph to the right, President Bush was almost sucked into a tornado.  He struggled to hold onto his umbrella as guardsmen rushed him to evacuate.

Sources close to the White House confirm Obama was greatly angered that only an F1 tornado was generated near the Bush ranch, not one powerful enough to disable the helicopter as it fled to an unknown location in deep Texas.

With President Bush on the run and the state on high alert, Texas’ future is in peril.  Obama plans to do a full out invasion on July 15th.  Times will be tense and the Bible did warn that such things would happen during the end of days.

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