Boy Offering Water To Police Goes Viral

This photo of the little boy offering water to the police forces is none other than heartwarming to see. A sight to see and one to take into our hearts and minds of the day. Not all Black people are bad and not all police are racist. The... Read more

Missouri Republicans Are Trying To Ban Obama’s People From Buying Steak and Seafood With Food Stamps in Retaliation For his Declaration of War on Easter

Missouri Republicans are not taking the war on Easter lightly and have begun to  work on efforts to stop Obama’s kin and colored folk from using their food stamp cards to buy steak and seafood items. The republicans are furious with... Read more

George Zimmerman: The President Amped Up Racial Tension Against Me

George Zimmerman is the man who shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17 year old boy who was walking home while talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone. George Zimmerman said he was “standing his ground” even though there... Read more

‘Exclusively For White People’ Signs Placed All Over Austin, Texas Stores

Austin, TX, Many store owners found racial signs placed in their store windows when they arrived. The signs read, ‘Exclusively For White People’. The citizens of the city were outraged and demanded some kind of explanation from... Read more