Beware, Christians: God Loves Gays is Going Viral and Everyone is Catching It


A new billboard in the middle of Topeka, Kansas, home to the Westboro Church and Anti-Gay rallies is part of a new trend in America:  treating gays with the respect they deserve.  The billboard is the latest monument in Topeka, which is quickly becoming known as the “Capital of Equality” as it is also headquarters for the Equality House and the first pro-gay city legislation.

Read it for yourselves, conservatives who stand in the way of gay happiness.  Written in the US Declaration of Independence it is guaranteed that every person in the United States has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In promoting the well-being of all humans, we establish a society where we can all pursue our own happiness.  If a woman is best made happy to fulfill a basic human desire — finding love — with another woman, there is no problem with that.  In supporting her right to do so, we are helping her pursue happiness.  We are helping ourselves build a stronger America, one envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

The same logic exists for men who find love with other men.  The rights of their being gay and having a gay marriage is unalienable, that is, you cannot take that away from them.

At this point, conservatives will hiss and spit, saying that their moral code that derives from their Biblical ‘understanding’ stands against this progressive logic.  I hate to tell you this, my conservative friends, but your logic will soon find its way into extinction, just like the dinosaurs you refuse to believe in.

Half of all Americans believe gays have a Constitutional right to be married.  More than half believe that gays should have a right to be married.  Far more than half believe businesses should have no right to ever discriminate against gays in any way, form or fashion.

Instead of belaboring the point, here is a good read for any Neanderskulls out there:  God and the Gay Christian,”, by Matthew Vines.  There are even ten quick points in that article to set you straight.

Outlook for Gays in America

The future is looking quite bright for gay people in “God’s favorite country”.  One look at television media reveals actors who are openly gay playing characters who come from all sorts of varied backgrounds and belief systems.

I remember in the 1990s, Ellen DeGeneres was one of the first female television characters to come out and reveal herself as lesbian.  She quickly lost corporate sponsorship and her television show.  Now not 20 years later, she is the person every public relations department dreams about:  funny, cute, witty and lesbian.  Her show reaches into the homes of millions and we are finding that people do not take her to task for being gay, but embrace the diversity her lifestyle brings to a society progressing in ideals.

Most recently, we are seeing sports superstars coming out of the closet.  They are catching hell from many of their teammates.  Guess what?

Give it time, another ten or twenty years.  It will not be uncommon to see a big, hulky NFL player kissing his man after winning a Super Bowl.  Society will not bat an eye, for it will become the norm.  And that norm is something you can disagree with for all you want, but I am willing to bet that if God does exist, he does not hate those people for their life choices.

And if you do not like that logic, perhaps you should take that whole ‘love thy neighbor’ golden rule clause up with your Creator.

What do you think?

Written by Alannah Arrington

Alannah Damara Arrington serves as the Senior Editor for Big American News Media's Grabnews Network International (GNI) and Weekend Recap. She joined the network in 2003 and now serves on the board of media directors.


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