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With Kim Jong Un Dead, Is It Time for America To Invade North Korea?

America must take action to win the Korean War and set a foothold to stop any future Chinese Communist Party Viruses

The situation in North Korea is unprecedented chaos: the people, who have known nothing but the iron fist of the Kim dynasty are without a leader. The nation, gripped by poverty and fear, also has no defense against the novel coronavirus.

The people of North Korea have faced no situation like this ever before and it is time for President Trump to do what is right: invade North Korea and lead its people into a bright new future.

Without a Kim left to take the helm, the lesser generals and politicians will bicker and squabble for leadership. The people of the nation will be thrown into Civil War and there is no telling how many shoddily engineered rockets with bioweapons and leaking nuclear materials may be shot off at surrounding nations.

When third world nations are on the brink of destruction, history has shown time and time again an American-picked leader to oversee a burgeoning democracy designed by America always yields the best results.

President Trump should declare war on anyone who stands against America’s offer of freedom. Several well placed bombs should be enough to shake any naysayers’ will. The beautiful North Korean people, particularly in the Hamgyeong-do and Jagang-do provinces that are rich in Earth’s second biggest cache of magnesite, can be put to work and ease in America. As the economies emerge from the coronavirus, it would be perfect for North Korea to finally step forward with America’s South Korea.

A unified Korea would also give a major landmass and army from where America can keep a better eye on CHINA and their labs, wet markets and other insectish behavior.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

Delivering crisp and professional journalism to the world.


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