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You Can Now Buy Gothic Black Burgers At Burger King in Japan


For just $4.48 (480 Yen), you can take a big bite into the burger up above.  Japan Burger Kings are testing out the new Kuro burger, which is a ‘Gothic black burger that will delight your mouth’.


Headlining the new menu are burgers served with black buns and black cheese.  The high gloss on the buns is create from a mix of bamboo charcoal and squid ink.

For those who are used to amber buns and yellow cheese, this may seem very odd.  But apparently these burgers taste so good that Burger King was forced to bring them back by popular demand and economics.

Just when you thought everything that could be done with burgers had been done, Burger King Japan makes these black ones.
For only $6.43, you can sink your teeth into the juicier variant, the KURO Diamond.  The Diamond has mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and onions over black cheese on a meat patty, all sandwiched in between to charcoal squid marinated buns.
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Written by Bryson Peters

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