Justin Bieber Put in Choke Hold, Kicked Out of Coachella 2015

If seeing that insufferable Justin Bieber placed in a choke hold and kicked out of a concert is something that you fine readers would like to see, please then enjoy this video:

[ytvideo videoid=”_qdOD2L2Jqk”]

The backstory here started when Justin Bieber was made famous by Usher some years ago.  Over the course of a few months, wealth and fame went straight to Bieber’s youthful head and now he feels entitled to break rules.  This lead to Bieber ignoring the fact that he was told he could not sit in the overcrowded ‘VIP’ section to watch Drake get mauled by a vampire named Madonna.

Bieber enlisted the help of some star-eyed Coachella staffer who still tried to sneak Bieber into the VIP spot, but security told him no.   Bieber resisted security and therefore security put him in a choke hold.  Yes, Bieber is considering legal action of course and there is the requisite ‘at least Bieber didn’t encounter an off-duty cop who accidentally shot him in the back with an oopsies gun bullet instead of a Taser’.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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