It’s Official: Gays Create Their Own Country of ‘New Gay Kingdom’ Near Tonga Island

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The gays have quickly moved to claim a newly formed island near the Tonga for themselves.    Last week a violent explosion of the Hunga Tonga volcano created a massively beautiful and sprawling brand new island in the South Pacific.

Fastidious as ever, the powerful Gay Union completed paperwork and quickly crowdfunded over $98 billion USD to outright buy claims to the sprawling island.  Many thought the gays were going to create a resort on the island, but in the a surprise move gays have lobbied the liberal corrupted UN and received permission to establish a new nation state called ‘The Gay Kingdom’.

Sebastian Anschutz, a respected official within the gay Christian network, has been named temporary Archegay of the provisional government of the nation.  Building projects are already underway and massive orgies are taking place on flotilla rides and the newly paved streets being built upon the island.

The most troubling aspect of the new gay kingdom is not their wanton lawlessness, the fact that their new charter openly discriminates against heterosexual marriages or the fact that they allow lewd television programming on their broadcast channels, but they are quickly investing in massive weapons and seem to be intent on spreading their empire of homosexuality in the Pacific.

Satan was involved in using hellish powers to ignite the Honga Tonga volcano into a explosion of fiery passion, creating the very lands where gays will build a new liberal kingdom and insure a population explosion of homosexuality drenches humanity.

Military of the New Gay Kingdom

Insider reports suggest The New Gay Kingdom has a very close working relationship with former Soviet operatives and the secretive republic of North Korea.  This leads credence to the thought that while the homosexual nation purports to operate as a Constitutional democracy, they have secret plans to become a Communist bloc nation.

Photographs from spies who have purportedly infiltrated the nation took very concerning photos, as we see below.

The New Gay Kingdom reportedly bought several Soviet-era Mystic-A/B Myasishchev jets, which we see flying sorties and squirting out mind-altering substance known to ‘convert’ men to homosexuality.

In recent weeks reports of Chemtrails Being used to Chemically Infect Men with Homosexuality spread like wildfire through social media.

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The bright, alluring colors are the ethyr vapors of the same substance used to make carnival glass, which you will likely find adorning the mantle or curio cabinet of a gay man’s well decorated pad.   When the toxic gas enters the lungs, it causes the body to feel sweaty and primal, primed for intense doses of foreign testosterone.

There is a strong correlation between fighter pilots and homosexuality, so there will be an abundance of sharp, fit and alert men ready to defect to the Gay Kingdom and carry out these mind-altering chemtrail missions, a leftover military tactic from the Reagan era.

The danger here is that as homosexuals fly out these secret chemtrail missions and already have politicians like Barack Obama who is allowing this to happen in skilled aviation nation like America, only more men will defect to the kingdom and increase the power of their air force.


Jets such as the one seen above will carry out missions over the South Pacific, shooting out a ethyr substance that is closely related to crystal meth.  When the gas reaches the lungs of the men below, it will confuse their sexuality and make them sympathetic to the New Gay Kingdom.  They will have a latent urge to leave their families and join the effort in this burgeoning military empire.


The gay military is quickly building up aerial superiority, but its ground troops are no slouches either.  Those who have observed the soldiers reveal their brotherhood ‘is tightly bound’ and each of the military members are muscle bound, like a comic book character.

Their outfits are bright, lavish and sharp, their military timing in drills impeccable.  Considering that their military has only existed for only two weeks, this level of organization is troubling and typically gay.

Anyone who spends time with a group of gays will quickly notice their strengths include impeccable timing, intense focus on detail and insatiable appetite for invading new territories.


new gay kingdom propaganda bigamericannewsGays are famous for their recruiting efforts, constantly infiltrating the home via sitcoms and music.  All it takes is one late night, groggy Internet browsing session on before one accidentally clicks a link to gay fetish site and gets lured into the turgid pits of homosexuality.

The advertisement to the right from the new nation’s Tourism Ministry encourages men to ‘leave their old lives behind’, not caring if children and families are torn apart as their fathers go to build new lives in this kingdom.

This new nation brings an entirely new threat to the world and hopefully gets the same regard as Palestine.

There is no census data available for the number of men flocking to this new gay kingdom, but it is safe to estimate that within a year the population will reach into the millions.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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