This 2020 New Years, Don’t Drive Intexticated

There is a new term called intexticated driving and it is something that you should not do this New Years 2020 celebration.

If you were to grab an alcoholic beverage this New Years and hit the road, swerving through traffic as you put lives at risk, you would expect to be called a bad driver and to be immediately pulled over by the authorities.

That type of driving as described would be called intoxicated driving and at best one would be lucky to only get a DUI and not getting in an accident or worse causing injury or loss of life.

Intexticated driving is just as dangerous and occurs when a driver looking at their phone is not aware of changing road conditions. Maybe a car had to hit their brakes ahead of you. Maybe someone is crossing the street. Whatever the case, if your nose is in your phone, texting making videos for Instagram or TikTok or whatever else you do on your smartphone, you are just as bad a drunk driver on the road. One moment of impaired driving can result in injury or loss of life.

While out having fun and making New Years resolutions for 2020, please remember not to drive intoxicated or intexticated. Your life and everyone else’s life is worth that resolution.

  • Auntie Helen Jo Ellen

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Written by Helen Jo Ellen

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