Confirmed: Obama Increasing Chemtrail Missions to Infect Males with Homosexuality

red-arrows-riat-fairford-300x225Sources with the McClarenn Group provided the shocking photograph at right.  The photograph was taken off the Eastern seaboard of New England, confirming prior reports that the Obama administration is actively working to increase homosexuality in America.

Only hours after the photograph was shared throughout the right wing news wire, the largest Presbyterian Christian denomination changes its stance on gay marriage.

The shocking change of stance allows Presbyterian churches to now recognize same-sex unions as marriage, which now puts millions of heterosexual marriages and families at risk of falling to conversions.

Outbreaks of homosexuality are being reported all throughout New England.  In a recent poll, wives reported symptomatic signs of homosexuality in their once stable husbands.   Overt obsession with body building and fascination with new music, including that of Lady Gaga and Sia, were reported as disturbing changes.  Wearing fitted tight jeans, gaining uncanny fashion sense and making demands to go ‘clubbing’ with the guys on light night weekends were listed among other concerns in the Pew poll.

The homosexual to normal rate has increased to a dramatic 1:20 ratio, with over 4.9% of men in the U.S. now admitting homosexuality.  Sociologists estimate that over 35% of men in America now live with homosexual urges and the more these chemtrail missions are flown overhead, the less likely these currently straight men will be able to inhibit their desire to engage in coital pleasures with other men.

As shown in prior years, no one is immune.  We have seen moral champions for same-sex marriage get caught up in the muckiest of homosexual scandals and we will likely see these numbers sharply increase, especially as Democrats seek to shame and discredit Republicans with the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.

Remember it is not the fault of men if they experiment or convert to homosexuality; these chemtrail missions are powerful, squirting a drug very similar to crystal meth into the lungs of men.  These drugs are mind-altering and causing men to choose homosexuality against their will.

Since 2007. the world has been aware of ‘gay bombs’ being used on populations when the Bush Administration declassified documentation of the warfare once used by Reagan to soften the mighty Soviet army with lust for one another.  Bush found it necessary to reveal the information before he potentially left office during his first term, as the first reports of Democrats using the chemtrails to increase gay population thus gay marriage sympathy in the US was uncovered by investigative journalist Matt Drudge.

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