Obama Unleashes Tornadoes in Texas To Terrorize Christians, President Bush, Jesus and Chuck Norris

Just like his mentor Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama believes in making war with his political enemies upfront and personal  Only days ago we saw how Obama will even fight and hit a woman, betraying a fellow liberal democrat if she dare defy his... Read more

Barack Obama Frames Tom Brady for Deflategate Scandal, Punishment for Not Visiting White House

Obama broods moments after learning Tom Brady snubbed him, refusing to visit the White House because Obama is trying to destroy values, morality and Christianity in America. About one month ago, Tom Brady gave Obama the proverbial middle... Read more

Obama Plans to Invade Texas, Kidnap George W. Bush and Create A New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness

Texas Governor Greg Abott has placed the state on high alert:  Barack Obama is invading the state on July 15th. Officials in the state of Texas were alerted to Obama’s master plan to start a Civil War in America.  While riling up racial... Read more