Barack Obama Frames Tom Brady for Deflategate Scandal, Punishment for Not Visiting White House


Obama broods moments after learning Tom Brady snubbed him, refusing to visit the White House because Obama is trying to destroy values, morality and Christianity in America.

About one month ago, Tom Brady gave Obama the proverbial middle finger by refusing the visit the White House during the requisite Super Bowl Team visit with US president.

[adinserter block=”1″]While some fans speculated that visiting the White House was beneath Brady and he just didn’t want to get involved in politics, remember that Brady happily visited President Bush and the two still regularly communicate.  Sources within the Obama Administration confirm that Obama was ‘livid’ that Brady did not come to his White House event.  Brady was the only New England Patriot that did not show up.

Greatly angered, Obama said, “I’m going to make him pay for this.”

Now, only a month later, we see Obama has abused his power once again to take down a good, clean America.  In the world of the NFL, it is quite rare to find someone of Brady’s caliber:  handsome, Christian, a good family man, pearly-white smile and and a leader.  Brady is truly the all-American, with his supermodel wife, down-to-Earth attitude and classic friends who get into fun antics with him.

Obama just cannot stand to see good, all-American people like Tom Brady succeed in life and not let him benefit on it.  This is why Obama rigged the NFL’s investigation.  Obama used his powerful connections to implicate Tom Brady as guilty.  Obama wiretapped into Brady’s phone and voice mail and altered the sound waves, making it sound like Brady and a ball-boy actually conspired to exchange for favor-for-favor to defraud another NFL team.

This is why the Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft, is absolutely shocked by the conclusions of the investigation, but is too scared to buck authority and demand another independent investigation.  He can smell Obama chumming up the waters and he knows Obama will stoop to any level to punish Tom Brady.

Why is Obama so bent on tarnishing the legacy of Bill Belechick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?

Obama is trying to start a Civil War in America.  All-American teams like the New England Patriots represent old-school Reagan-era values:  trickle-down economics, hard work creating success, managers and leaders who look the part, and a loyal fan-base who cheer for a team not comprised of thug-athletes, but clean-cut guys who hit the gym, respect their privilege and exert Christ-like humility on and off the field.

Brady and Obama are the exact antithesis of one another.  Brady did not want to give Obama any ‘street-cred’ in DC by paying a visit, so now we see the punishment:  he’s being framed for the deflategate scandal.

Just like any true scientist will tell you global warming is just a big liberal-agenda scam, it is quite evident that science is one again being manipulated and facts distorted to ‘prove’ Tom Brady is guilty and complicit to a non-existent scandal.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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