Medieval Recipe Cures MRSA Superbug

London, England Christina Lee, an expert on Anglo-Saxon society from the School of English at the University of Nottingham, has found one of the biggest finds of the century. She has found a thousand year old cure for a superbug that plagues... Read more

Zelda Fan Creates Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Hover Boots (PICS)

We’ve all played the game and we all know that those hover boots are awesome. As a kid I’ve always wanted a polished up pair of these bad boys. Well, one enthusiastic fan has created these fabled hover boots and they look amazing!... Read more

Legend of Zelda ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone’ Leather iPad Case

  Now your iPad can be safe wherever you go when it is cased up tight with this Legend of Zelda leather iPad case. This Triforce-emblazoned leather case from Etsy seller SkinsNhydez is perfect for carrying your iPad, tablet or favorite... Read more

Zelda U Delayed and is No Longer Number One Priority for 2015

  Eiji Aonuma has made a video announcement apologizing to Zelda fans all over the world that he and his development team for Zelda U will be delayed for 2015. The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Wii U was originally scheduled for a... Read more

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart ‘Get Hard’ Over Box Office Millions That Won’t Happen: REVIEW

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, two of the least talented people in Hollywood, have come forth to reign their laughless, unfunny, and dull movie, Get Hard on audiences. As usual, Will Ferrell plays a tall, awkward, white guy who finds himself in... Read more

New Legend of Zelda Clip Armor Revealed

The Legend of Zelda series always reveals awesome merchandise products with the release of their games. This time the Zelda merchandise is this awesome looking Triforce emblem on the New Nintendo clip armor. What is clip armor you ask? Clip... Read more

Fetuses React to Mothers Smoking

We’ve all heard the myths and old wives tales about smoking and drinking while pregnant, but this is one thing you’re going to want to look at. A recent study took place to where a number of researchers studies the effects of... Read more

George Zimmerman: The President Amped Up Racial Tension Against Me

George Zimmerman is the man who shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17 year old boy who was walking home while talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone. George Zimmerman said he was “standing his ground” even though there... Read more

Is Topeka Kansas Doomed With Sam Brownback As Governor?

Topeka, KS If you’ve never been to Kansas you’re not missing much. If you’re unlucky enough to drive through the capitol of Kansas, Topeka, you can clearly see that the recently re-elected governor, Sam Brownback has left his... Read more

Is Benjamin Netanyahu Becoming Greedy With U.S Relations?

Since his ‘miraculous’ win over in his native land in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has been over in the U.S an awful lot lately. His most recent ‘political’ move was when he suddenly switched sides on the Palestine issue... Read more