Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart ‘Get Hard’ Over Box Office Millions That Won’t Happen: REVIEW

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, two of the least talented people in Hollywood, have come forth to reign their laughless, unfunny, and dull movie, Get Hard on audiences. As usual, Will Ferrell plays a tall, awkward, white guy who finds himself in... Read more

New Legend of Zelda Clip Armor Revealed

The Legend of Zelda series always reveals awesome merchandise products with the release of their games. This time the Zelda merchandise is this awesome looking Triforce emblem on the New Nintendo clip armor. What is clip armor you ask? Clip... Read more

Fetuses React to Mothers Smoking

We’ve all heard the myths and old wives tales about smoking and drinking while pregnant, but this is one thing you’re going to want to look at. A recent study took place to where a number of researchers studies the effects of... Read more

Did The Wichita Shockers Intentionally Try To Get Perry Ellis Out of The Game?

NCAA The exciting showdown between Wichita State University and Kansas University has some fans wondering about that latest injury to KU’s Perry Ellis. While trying to catch KU up and above the score, Ellis was knocked in the face with... Read more

Exciting Live Action Naruto to hit stages in Japan

Tokyo, Japan The manga and anime series that has young adults and teens mesmerized has hit the live stages of Japan! The live action series of Naruto will begin in Japan and may possibly venture towards the west into Europe and maybe the... Read more

PIXELS to come to theaters this summer 2015

  Starring, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Brian Cox and Ashley Benson as Lady Lisa; this movie should be a good one. For those of us kids who grew up in the wonderful 80’s and early... Read more

Did Benjamin Netanyahu “Endanger” U.S-Israeli Relations By Meeting With Only Republicans?

Washington, DC How stupid does Israel think we are? Do they assume that we will bow before their every whim? Why is our Government continually letting a country that has nothing to offer us control them? It boggles my mind! I can’t... Read more

Are Basketball Players Wimps in the Professional field Compared to Hockey Players?

I’m not one for sports, but the news is hard to miss when you see two very different people who play very different sports suffer similar injuries and one being carried off by medical staff and the other is fighting them off. We’ve... Read more