Boy Offering Water To Police Goes Viral

This photo of the little boy offering water to the police forces is none other than heartwarming to see. A sight to see and one to take into our hearts and minds of the day. Not all Black people are bad and not all police are racist. The... Read more

Student Harold Ekeh Accepted by All Eight Ivy League Colleges

A brilliant teenager from Long Island has much to smile about: his hard work, community achievements and academic excellence have all combined to lead to him being accepted by all 8 Ivy-league colleges. Harold Ekeh, who is a senior at Elmont... Read more

This 99-Year Old Woman Sews A Dress Everyday For A Child She Will Never Meet

We all have needs and wants in life, but we all know that there really are starving, uneducated, and naked children in Africa who also have needs and wants; more needs than wants. There is a 99-year old woman who sews dresses and clothes for... Read more