Paula Deen has her own video game featuring her favorite food; butter

Celebrity chef, Paula Deen has entered the video game industry by being in one of her video game featuring her favorite food and ingredients; butter. The celebrity chef was under fire for racial commentary and other issues regarding staff and... Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto interested in making games for Wii U, not smartphones

As the creator of many of the gaming classics such as Mario and Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto has been involved with the recent activity concerning Nintendo’s move to put their games on mobile devices such as smartphones. But in a... Read more

Jakks Pacific to release 20 inch Skyward Sword Link

For those of you who may not know, Jakks Pacific is a well-known powerhouse for quality toys, play sets, and figures. With a collection of Zelda merchandise already available, Jakks Pacific is set to release a new 20-inch Skyward Sword Link as... Read more

Satoru Iwata reveals plans for smartphones

For as long as Nintendo has been around they’ve never been so easy to convince to shift their famous handhelds and home console systems to mobile smartphones and other portable media devices. But, suddenly and very recently Nintendo has... Read more

Exciting Live Action Naruto to hit stages in Japan

Tokyo, Japan The manga and anime series that has young adults and teens mesmerized has hit the live stages of Japan! The live action series of Naruto will begin in Japan and may possibly venture towards the west into Europe and maybe the... Read more

Did Benjamin Netanyahu “Endanger” U.S-Israeli Relations By Meeting With Only Republicans?

Washington, DC How stupid does Israel think we are? Do they assume that we will bow before their every whim? Why is our Government continually letting a country that has nothing to offer us control them? It boggles my mind! I can’t... Read more