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Days after US President Donald Trump secretly ordered the assassination of more

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.

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Deflategate: Tom Brady Knew Balls Were Flat

New England Patriots quarterback prepares to cheat and win with deflated footballs. (Photo credit: ...

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Zach Snyder took to Twitter to tease the world with a new trailer for Batman V Superman:  Dawn of J...

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Trailer

The new Justice League:  God and Monsters trailer shows us an alternate world where Zod has become ...

Russians Hack White House, Steal Info About Obama’s Schedule

The White House reveals that America’s old Cold War sparring buddy spied on the White House. T...

Cop Murders Black Man in South Carolina, Finally Gets Arrested and Charged with Murder

“He stole my Taser and I was scared,” said the damned murderer masquerading as a cop. ...