Jesus Helps Republicans Rig 2014 Elections, Takes Stand Against Obama’s Plan to Destroy Jesus and Create Age of Liberal Darkness

The 2014 midterm election results are in and it is nothing but good news for moral, upstanding Americans.  Christians now control the majority of the House and Senate, meaning Christians now control the United States Congress. By becoming... Read more

As You Vote Today, Remember to Vote Republican and Stop Obama From Destroying Jesus and Creating an Age of Liberal Darkness

November 4, 2014 Today, my friends, America stands on the precipice of salvation and destruction. On one side of the wall, we have a future forged by our forefathers. We have the ability to find a path set before us by God, to lead ourselves... Read more

Flirty World Series Commentators Basically Confess Gay Man Crushes on Madison Bumgarner During Royals Giants Game 7

During an already suspect (more on that later) World Series game 7 that pitted the gay-friendly and perhaps drug-induced San Francisco 49ers against the underdog and beloved Kansas City Royals, there was an extra flair of unbelievable flirting... Read more