UN Warns Obama To Not Unleash Killer Robots on American Christians

Only one day ago Barack Obama unveiled his latest robotic line, the Kylongules X0-34 series. The “Dark Robot” as it is being called in media circles is specifically programmed to ‘analyze data to see who has the flu and... Read more

Barack Obama Caught At Kim Kardashian Break The Internet Photoshoot

  In the image above, we can clearly see that Barack Obama is staring at Kim Kardashian’s backside.  Paper Magazine has famously published an image intended to “Break the Internet”, but the big reveal is not... Read more

Man Gets Eaten Live By Giant Anaconda

  With the inevitable fall of ‘Honey Boo Boo’, reality television is looking to expand to more shocking and insane tactics to keep viewers glued to their television.   The latest idea for a reality television show is actually... Read more