North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead

Botched Heart Surgery in April Likely Cause of Death

Increased reports of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un being dead have surfaced.

Most notably and recently, a post on the Weibo social media app, contained a brief post from a notable media account in China that was seen by over 15 million people.

Further reports from Japan indicate that Kim has been in a vegetative state following a botched heart surgery.

All reports indicate Kim’ condition has not improved in now weeks and were precipitated by what seems to be a heart health event. Kim was reportedly seen clutching his chest in April and needed a heart stent. A surgeon on the case may have been nervous and possibly botched the procedure.

US officials in the Trump administration have refuted reports and chastised US journalists who Tweeted unconfirmed reports last week. Trump has downplayed any knowledge of what’s going on in North Korea.

North Korea, a nation that has sought a nuclear arsenal and does not have a clear succession plan in the event of Kim’s death, could become a site of major instability and risk coupled with the globe’s ongoing pandemic crisis.

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