Yes, All Registered Nurses Are Secretly Democrats Plotting The Fall of Christianity By Supporting Stay At Home Orders As They Care for the Sick and Dying

Crisis actors and medical ‘professionals’ have finally unleashed their lifetime plan: invent Covid-19 to make President Trump look bad!

Imagine my shock and surprise when I went to my local Lowe’s store to buy a few new plants for my backyard garden. With the weather being so beautiful with light morning rains followed by a gentle mid-Spring sun, it is perfect for starting more tomatoes and strawberries.

But because stores are being forced to social distance, the manager informed me that no more than 30 customers could be in the store at one time. Dozens of oppressed people from my community were already forced to stand in line outside the store, like prisoners being shuttled off to a Gulag.

You would think it could not get any worse than finding out Easter Sunday was cancelled at my church and that the Healthcare Community and those nurses were all to blame!

We’ve all seen the recent news media where totalitarian hospital staff have taken time from their ‘busy’ schedules to stand against America’s last line of freedom: Trump supporters who know the COVID-19 scare is really a deep state plot to destroy Christianity and force the righteous to become vaccinated.

It is a sad shame to find out that the healthcare community of America conspired with Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to create this healthcare scare. My friends and I are all as strong and healthy as we were 40 years ago, yet now we find liberals are using COVID-19 social distancing as a means to destroy Christianity and reign in a new age of liberal darkness.

This fall, will all the vaccines contain microchips or mind-controlling substances? Or will the churches being forced to exist without offerings and the saints conditioned by endless scare tactic ‘research articles’ and ‘scientific studies’ unwilling to leave their homes?

Healthcare workers, especially nurses, are the bread and butter of this conspiracy. They spend 12 to 14 hours a day wrapped in maybe N-95 masks, oft going without food or drink, taking care of people who are gravely ill. Yet they complain will a small brave group of patriots stand outside their hospitals, trying to block people from going inside to get tested so we can help flatten the curve? If the people aren’t there to fake their symptoms, the numbers will go down!

It all makes no sense, I am very angry that I cannot garden the way I want this year and all you need to know about COVID-19 comes from your gut instinct, not people who have spent a lifetime in professional medical careers that were really just a cover so they could try to make Trump look bad right now!

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Written by Helen Jo Ellen

Love nice walks and meeting up with my friends to chat. Baking with the grands is my heart. Sharing my thoughts to a fading world is my passion.


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