Breaking: Iran Launches Second Wave Of Attacks Against US Forces in Iraq – Tasnim News

Middle Eastern news sources are giving reports that Iran has launched a second round of ballistic missile strikes against US forces in Iraq.

According to, the missiles were launched just minutes ago and US forces are doing all they can to protect families and assets.

Only hours ago, Iran officials held a funeral for General Soleimani and now have engaged in military actions aimed at US forces that are in closest proxy to their nation.

There has been no word of retaliation yet from the US. Iran so far is calling their strikes Operation Soleimani and have vowed that these strikes are not part of the ’13 disasters’ it will unleash against the US.

Market reports that oil futures are pricing oil at $65 a barrel, with continued increase in conflict likely leading to increased barrel prices and translating to a sudden rise in gasoline prices for consumers in all nations.

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Written by Walt Crenzler


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