Deflategate: Tom Brady Knew Balls Were Flat

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08...

New England Patriots quarterback prepares to cheat and win with deflated footballs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be guilty of deflating NFL footballs to gain an advantage in football games.

New evidence from the NFL finds that it ‘is probable’ that the Patriots intentionally deflated footballs during key games, Tom Brady’s texting record showing his alleged knowledge of deflation events.

Even after initially claiming he didn’t think himself a cheater, Tom Brady now has ‘general knowledge‘ that balls were being deflated before New England Patriot football games.

The AP reports Brady gave gifts such as signed footballs to attendants, all in exchange for them leaking air from balls.  Brady also allegedly exchanged signed cleats.

The Patriots have released a statement on the subject.  While the statement is classy and does still defend the organization’s innocence, Kraft makes it clear that he is not defiant of whatever course the NFL decides to pursue following the 4-month Wells investigation.


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