Obama Is Using Green Screen to Frame Innocent Cops And Make It Seem Like They Are Attacking Black People

obama is stating riots green screen

Obama creates a scene where a cop is seen subduing a man with a classic ‘hands up don’t shoot’ pose, then suddenly beats the man senseless, shoots him and (with blanks) and then sprinkles crack all over his body.  This will miraculously be caught on ‘cell phone video’ and released to the public, to make everyone turn against cops and riot.  Obama can just video edit any city in the background and create a warzone where he will rule with martial law.

Baltimore, Maryland – Obama is conspiring with militant black leaders to make it seem like there are actually police officers committing acts of violence against black people.

[adinserter block=”1″]The image above comes from a source within the Obama administration.  At 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, Obama allegedly planned for a ‘tragedy’ to befall the black man in the footage.  The man has his hands up in a classic ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ pose.  The officer behind the man — who is actually a hired actor by the Obama administration —  was to be seen shooting several rounds into the ‘innocent victim’s’ back.

Sound familiar?

Obama is randomly selecting volatile cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore to create these fake scenarios of police-on-black violence.  While Obama is trying to make it seem like there is great racism in America, it simply is not true.  America is not a country with race issues and police are definitely not treating black people unfairly.

For every 1 black person who claims they are harassed by police for no reason, 10,053 white people report they are never harassed by the police and find police to be very helpful.  The data do not lie.  So the question becomes why is Obama manipulating the public with these green-screened video scenes and stories of police allegedly harassing black people?

While the answer to that question is elusive, it is obvious that Obama seeks to destroy America and its tradition as a Jesus-worshiping nation.   Obama is conspiring with powerful Illuminati to brainwash the masses into thinking there is a war against minorities in America.  Obama wants people to see division and strife in America, so the nation will continue to plummet and fall.

Without a strong America, there cannot be a strong and unified world.  The people of Ferguson and Baltimore have been put under extreme mind control by Obama.  He’s putting chemicals into the air to make rioters more violent and wild, primal urges taking over their typical demeanor.  He is forcing the CIA to turn certain officers into MK-Ultras, so that with just a simple word Obama can make them snap and attack a black person.  When that is not good enough for him, as we see above, Obama is using green screens and slights of camera to incite the public to even further anger.




Obama’s propaganda minister

What do you think?

Written by Birt Adler

Where there is smoke, there is fire!


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