Obama Arrests 3 Innocent White Police Officers, Takes First Steps to Create New Age of Liberal Darkness


Soviet Russia.  NAZI Germany.  Obama America.  The names of these evil liberal empires invoke thoughts of hopelessness and despair for good people.

For years conservative media has loudly protested Obama’s presidency from the start, warning that a Kenyan-born communist would do nothing but try to organize a dark army to arise and overthrow the values, lifestyle and faith of America.

Obama’s presidency has been marred by countless examples of him trying to destroy Jesus and create a communist Utopia, but until these past few months when Obama is trying to tear the fabric of racial unity of this great nation — a fabric sewn by Republican Christians like Abraham Lincoln and Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. — has it not been so obvious that Obama is truly trying to tear America apart from the inside, so it will be weak and can be attacked by terror forces unknown from without.

agents of obama
4 months ago, Obama quietly approved Marilyn Mosby as Attorney General of Baltimore. With his chess piece in place, Obama then conspired to make it seem like six police officers targeted a black man with violence so he could ‘bring them to justice’.

Four months ago, Obama quietly approved Marilyn Mosby (pictured right) as Attorney General of Baltimore. With his chess piece in place, Obama then conspired to make it seem like six police officers targeted a black man with violence so he could ‘bring them to justice’.

Obama used the situation he created in Baltimore to make all police seem like a public enemy.  Liberal media is trying to make it so police are losing rights and being placed under the thumb of the federal government, namely the president.

Obama now seeks to monitor and track police officers 24/7 with federally required cameras.   This way, whenever a cop is confronting a black male in an isolated incident and perhaps is also an MK-ultra candidate, someone from the Obama administration can whisper a code word and cause the cop to commit an act of violence caught on tape.

As cops become more and more demonized, liberals will call for them to lose power and to call for a ‘national police’.  Sound familiar?

[adinserter block=”1″]Obama is creating a federal police force, the same like every single socialist dictator has done.  Obama hates states’ rights and he definitely does not like state police.  He wants his own personal Secret Service (SS) to have national authority to be the police in every city, county and state of America.

On the street, gangs are putting aside their differences to organize into a new ‘supergang’ called the Collared Greens.  Obama is a community organizer but what many people fail to realize that with his background as a Kenyan national, Obama is well versed in guerrilla military organization.  Obama is helping gangs form into organized militias like the Collared Greens, the same type of organization that allowed colonists to overthrow the mighty British empire some 250 years ago.

The Collared Greens seeks to not only recruit all gang members, but doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, and business people.  Hence the name, a culture-specific play on words that invites anyone who works a blue collar or white collar job can join. The Greens are already being seen all around Baltimore, defying police and taking over law enforcement duties.  Several days ago these former gang members and everyday hard working society members were seen enforcing law all on national media, but today they have already organized into a uniformed presence who only answers to Barack Obama.


Baltimore, Maryland – The Collared Greens are seen walking the streets, openly defying the city’s true police as citizens and  propaganda liberals like Michael Moore cheer them on.  This type of militia organizing is all the product of community organizer Barack Obama using advanced Kenyan guerrilla warfare tactics in American citizens.   

Obama is amassing a new army in America, good readers and friends.  Do not think the scope of his reach is limited to just the poor people of Baltimore.  Obama conspires to create a new liberal empire, filled with left-leaning people, so that he may destroy Jesus and reign in a new age of liberal darkness.  Beware, for this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is just Obama’s unveiling a larger master plan.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

Delivering crisp and professional journalism to the world.


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