The Sandwich-Making Fox From Chernobyl Shows Off Skills



Chernobyl, Russia

We all know that the Russians used this area to test their nuclear rockets and artillery. They also used animals to test their cold war weaponry and chemicals that were clearly meant for humans.

Normally, foxes are skittish around humans, so we never had the opportunity to discover their propensity for sandwich-making. But this fox’s territory is within the Chernobyl nuclear-exclusion zone and has probably never encountered a human before.  Apparently foxes from Chernobyl take to sandwiches like a fish takes to water – they just needed some ingredients!

But here, we can see that the result of nuclear testing has an interesting outcome. The decades of nuclear essence has made the fox community around the Chernobyl area smart enough to make sandwiches. You can see that awesome skill below.

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