New Footage Proves Harry Reid Attacked by Democrat Mob Bosses, Claimed ‘Aspartame’ Is Fine Ingredient in Diet Pepsi

Back in January 2015, Senator Harry Reid received nasty injuries and claimed that ‘failed exercise equipment at home’ was the cause of his broken bones and bruised up face.

Unfortunately, Reid’s account of what happened one fateful night is refuted by new photographic evidence purporting Reid’s injuries were in fact caused by Democrat mafia bosses in Las Vegas.

harry reid attacked by mob aspartame las vegas

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The image above is going viral on social media.  The sender of the image claims it was taken late at night in a distro section of Las Vegas.   In the image, Reid was allegedly meeting in the stairwell with a group of scientists and several other men in suits.

Suddenly, several men in fedoras appeared and fired ‘Taser like weapons’ that disabled everyone but Harry Reid.  The man in the brown coat quickly ran up and allegedly yelled, “You crossed the line, Reid” and roughed the Senator up quite a bit.  Reid was told ‘you quit this year, or it will be more than just a bruised ego’.

Reid, who is allegedly standing against the far left wall was visibly shaken and the photographer, who caught all this from his taxi, was asked to ‘not share the image with the media’ by Reid himself.  After the man in the brown coat delivered a beating to Reid, he and his accomplices jumped into a P.T. Cruiser and sped off.  The Senator checked on his fallen fellows, who were all starting to sit back up and recover from the effects of the fast-firing Tasers.

The taxi-cab driver allegedly decided to break his silence after learning Harry Reid planned to quit this year.   In the email sent to various news outlets, the cab driver said, ‘That in this day and age, we cannot have mobs controlling our politicians like this.  I’m disappointed in Harry Reid for letting them force him out of office, and I’m disappointed with myself for not bringing this image and account to the public sooner.”

The cab driver also noted Reid was careful to right the cart and had it placed into a limo that arrived some 10 minutes later.

Connection:  Bootleg Aspartame, Harry Reid and The Mob

Further research into the Reid attack opens a creaky door into a shady underworld of a smear campaign spearheaded by the liberal elite.

Donald Rumsfeld, a powerful Republican who served with honor under President Bush, is a heavy investor in levorotary sugar Aspartame.  Being an L-sugar, aspartame is not readily broken down by the human body but instead passes through the system with being-absorbed.  This allows sugar-free food products to have a sweet taste, yet not be initiated into the body’s absorption process for energy production.  This makes aspartame a wonder-product for diabetics and those who diet.

But for years, Democrats have stood against l-sugars such as aspartame.  They would rather all soda be filled with high amounts of dextrarotorary sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, which cause obesity, ADHD and diabetes.  The more disabled people in America, the more jobless and the more the government can tax, create a welfare state and set-up a system of socialism.

As Secretary of Defense, Rumseld used his authority to encourage the FDA to re-approve the already Reagan Administration approved aspartame as a safe additive in soda.  Rumseld new that if Americans could consume less sugars in soda, less would fall into poor health and could serve the nation well.

Enter the modern Democrats.  In late 2014, Obama ordered that the Senate Democrats enact the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act.  This act gave the FDA may new powers, including the power to ‘control biosimilar products in the free market’.  Aspartame is a biosimilar product to sugar.

Reid was put in charge of passing the FDASIA and ensuring aspartame was banned, which would cripple Rumseld and his political allies from helping fund a 2016 Republican candidate for president.  The problem is that Harry Reid was not so easily bought off.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-09-at-4.05.37-PMSources close to Reid allege the Senator enjoys Diet Pepsi and is wise to the Democrat conspiracy against it.  After Obama found this out he allegedly called Reid and ‘demanded he clear his office of all Diet Pepsi’.  Obama would send Secret Service agents to Reid’s Washington and Vegas offices to ensure that only regular Pepsi was there.

This resulted in Reid having to obtain bootleg Diet Pepsi, that is Diet Pepsi disguised in cans marked as regular Pepsi and the l-sugar Aspartame appearing as a d-sugar when exposed to plane polarized light.  Reid allegedly met with Rumseld to discuss this new development in aspartame chemistry, but the conversation was bugged.  Obama found out, ordered mafia bosses in Vegas to beat Harry Reid and force him out of office.

Now Obama is directly forcing Pepsi to stop using aspartame.

What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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