Marijuana Chemtrails Being Used to Make Homosexuality Addictive

homosexual marijuana chemtrailsMarijuana addiction is being used as the latest recruitment tool for homosexuality.  There are people out there in the world who envision humanity’s future being one where gay marriage is legal and multi-gender promiscuity is common from adolescence on.

New data from the CDC confirms the rampant spread of homosexuality:  for every 100 men, 5 are confessing homosexuals.  But there is a new population demographic:  for everyone 100 men, 45 are secretly or agnostic gay.

This new and unclear classification of gay-tendency is directly related to chemically-induced homosexuality.  Over the last three months, numerous reports verified Obama’s use of chemtrails to spread homosexuality in target regions throughout the US and even North Korea.

But there is a new ‘grassroots’ movement initiative the Obama administration has launched as well.  Obama realizes the value of bringing an agenda to a personal level and he is using marijuana to do it.  On 4/20/2015, by no coincidence, Obama publicly announced his support for medicinal marijuana.  What many don’t realize is that medicinal marijuana, particular the ‘rainbow strain variety’, is laden with the same homosexual chemtrails that have been raising America’s per capita homosexuality rate.

[adinserter name=”bigskyright”]Mixing homosexual chemtrail additives in marijuana smoke is very dangerous.  The psychoactive compound in these drugs will initiate the dopamine-reward pleasure center of the brain.  As he imbibes the smoke, a man will feel his thighs loosen and a strange, primal urge to seek foreign testosterone.  Sweating and chest heaving with lusty breaths, a man’s eyes will key in on the physiques of other men, a burning desire to quench an internal flame with immersion in another man’s sweaty musk of procreation liquid.

To a gay man, such a description sounds like just another Saturday night at the club.  But to the pure and uninitiated, these feelings are unfamiliar, embarrassing and confusing.  Overwhelmed with emotion, straight men who smoke these strong doses of  laced marijuana will make rash snap judgments and let another man have their way with them, not thinking of risks of STI or getting to know them first.  Pure and raw emotion is the only driving force, and that dopamine driven addiction is a tougher to break than nicotine or crack addition.

Beware the new homosexual chemtrails in marijuana.


Since this article, over 100 victims of marijuana homosexual chemtrails and even their parents/loved ones have written in to share their horror stories.  Since 4/20 of this year, these new laced marijuana spliffies have been witnessed at parties nationwide and no telling how many men have been exposed.

If you or a loved one is also victim, please feel free to write into our BigAmericanMailbox email and share your accounts with us.  We will feature interviews of several victims in our AmericanFocus TV program this weekend.

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Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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