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Obama to Require Cannabis Oil Vaccinations for All Children

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obama signs cannabis oil law
Obama signs legislation forcing Georgia to allow medical marijuana. Such laws are part of Obama’s agenda to require Cannabis Oil injections in all school children.

Obama wants to inject your school children with medical marijuana.  In a shocking report delivered at 5:52 a.m. Eastern time, officials from the White House confirmed that they plan to list Cannabis Oil as an FDA approved substance in every state within America.

The White House Administration cites that just like the HPV vaccination can stop cervical cancer, repeated studies show that Cannabis Oil can actually stop systemic cancer.

While there are varying accounts of Cannabis Oil providing miracle cure to cancer ailments, they do not stand up to scrutiny from pastors and other interest group adept to requiring empirical evidence before accepting anything as fact.

The truth is that marijuana has been and always will be a dangerous psychoactive drug.  Marijuana makes the brain loose and compliant, prone to mind control.  When Obama announces that children who are dependent on any insurances affected by the Affordable Care Act (which all insurances in the Unite States in fact are) must receive government required healthcare check-ups, expect that by the end of 2016 your children will have to get a ‘preventative cancer vaccination’.  The vaccination will be listed as 2-[(2E)-3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienyl]-5-pentyl-benzene-1,3-diol, a scientific word that most people will not realize contains ‘6 6 6’ hidden within the cyclization.

Why Is Obama Trying to Inject My Children with Cannabis?

To understand why so many people are scared of Obama, one must first understand that his end-goal is to establish a New World Order.  This may sound very familiar to Christian readers out there because such a government is implied in the Bible and is famously brought to modern media in Tim LaHaye’s excellent Left Behind book and movie series.

The New World Order is a Illuminati inspired system where a war has been waged to destroy Jesus and create a new age of Liberal Darkness.  People will be compliant in this system because they will be allowed to:  not work, engorge their carnal desires (e.g., gay marriage, wanton drug use, attend EDM festivals at any age) and erase mankind’s Godly heritage and history.

With all the wanton acts of carnality going on, the number of unwanted births will surely increase.  Yes, in the future times liberals will eventually win and abortion will be legal worldwide, but since no one is required to work there will be no doctors skilled enough to safely do the procedure.  This will in turn cause many babies to be discarded and it is those discarded babies the Illuminati will use to build up a new empire, a nation of Cannboid addicted MK-ultras, to wipe out any signs and semblance of underground Christianity.

To the uninitiated this may all sound shocking and not possible, but why else would Obama want to inject our children with a substance to is shown to make them prone to mind control of the world’s elite billionaires.

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