Unknown Mystery Illness Kills 28 People in Three Days, Ode-Irele Nigeria

Science & Technology

 Ode-Irele, Nigeria –  Medical tragedy is ravaging Nigeria.  Over the last three days over 28 people have died.  Medical providers and researchers have ruled out Ebola as a cause for the medical tragedy.

Victims are reporting sudden onset of blindness and loss of consciousness.  Most of the victims have died for within 24 hours.  It is thought the pathogen responsible for this illness attacks the body’s central nervous system.  A laboratory is Lagos is analyzing the blood from various victims as scientists try to unravel the mystery behind the recent deaths.

Locals are being advised to not touch the bodies of the victims, as this illness may spread as readily as Ebola.

Update:  Analysis by the medical community shows a weedkiller may be responsible for the gruesome deaths ravaging Nigeria.   A photograph of one victim suffering from severe angioedema is consistent with symptoms showing a severe allergic reaction.  The name of the specific pesticide responsible for these deaths has not been released.

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