Are iPhones Subliminally Programming Straight Men to Embrace Homosexuality

[adinserter block=”1″]iPhones are being used as the newest recruitment tool of homosexuality.  Long immersed within the gay culture as a ‘status item’, the iPhone’s clean, simple interface, sleek looks and processing power also makes it a recommended buy by any tech enthusiast.

But the same features that make the iPhone so ubiquitous among consumers worldwide also make it one of the most destructive forces being used against America’s nuclear family.  Homosexuals are cornering a market for ‘straight conversion apps’, that is programmed data set to slowly groom straight men to be seduced and become vulnerable to a gay hook-up.  These apps are tempting little clusters of lustful data, all being secretly downloaded to the unsuspecting fingertaps of straight men worldwide.  These apps are specifically targeted toward ‘attractive’ married men and fathers, setting the stage for their moral destruction vis-a-vis gay seduction.

iPhones are being used to seduce married men with homosexual hookup encounters.

Today’s expose begins with a letter received from a a mother in Texas named Rhonda.  Over the last few months, Rhonda was concerned because her devout Christian husband grew increasingly distant from his family.   During late night hours, she would awake to find him sitting alone in the living room, his head anxiously sitting over a bright light that glowed up from the new iPhone his family had bought him months earlier as a birthday gift.

“Every time I would ask him what he was doing, he’d quickly shut that phone off and say it he was just checking work emails.”  After a bit of sleuthing, Rhonda found that her husband was spending exhausting late night hours browsing through the ‘Grindr’ app.  One day her husband called home from work and said he would be home late as he found a new workout buddy.  “What’s his name,” Rhonda asked.  “Steve,” her husband replied.  “His name is Steve.”

Rhonda’s story is just all too common this day and age.  In addition to Grindr, Rhonda reported she also found an app called Daddyhunt on her husband’s hone.

Imagine a world where gays are all oiled up with their hard-earned muscles ripping in typical fashion, their eight-ball enhanced senses allowing their frantic whiffs in the air easily to easily pick up the scent of fresh, innocent ‘daddies’ who have never been staked by homosexuality.

Armed with their iPhones, these gay men go on the prowl, using their phones to sync with attractive fathers who may be innocently spending time with their children at the food court, playground or concert recital.

With just a few simple clicks, gays can sync their iPhones to an innocent man’s and make his phone secretly download these apps and start him with a free trial.   The apps simply pirate data of the married father’s phone and creates his app profile with accurate information. From there, it is simply a war of attrition.

Perhaps a man will take a look into Grindr during a desperate minute in the bathroom after a heated argument or his wife turned him down ‘with a headache’. “Wow, there are thousands of single men willing to take me out for free drink at the bar and to watch some sports.  What can hurt?”

The gays always play softball at first, but make no mistake:  every gay with an iPhone could play for the 96 Yankees.  They never start a game without seeing Joe Torre waving them in for a hard slide into home.  And trust, a husband will never be the same after his home plate is met with homosexuality.

These gays will groom husbands with ‘iTune’ gifts of Cher, A-ha and Cindy Lauper, each note slowly causing a crescendo of emotions that will lead even the most straight of men to have a sudden urge to satiate a hunger for foreign testosterone.

Beware these new gay recruitment apps.  Obama has shown outright support of Apple and today’s report fits the Obama agenda to increase homosexuality in America.   It is no surprise that Obama and Apple have forged an alliance to increase the buffet options for hungry gays.   For every 100 men, 5 are professing homosexuals.  But new Pew Research Data shows that for every 100 men, 45 are secretly or agnostic gay.  These new iPhone apps are among the most powerful, seductive and effective recruitment tool for homosexuality.

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Written by Gene Fairbanks

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