Watch: Eerie Storm Over Belarus Turns Day into Night In a Matter of Seconds

[adinserter block=”1″]SOLIGORSK, Belarus – Only moments after Belarus made it illegal to receive welfare, a massive dust storm immediate turned the daytime sky into an ominous sea of gules and lighting.

One survivor in Soigorsk managed to capture eye witness video and upload it to the Internet.  The footage shows an Apocalyptic scene that has thrown the highly religious nation into absolute chaos.

All around the nation, tens of thousands of people were seen fleeing from work and through the streets, going home to gather their loved ones and hiding away in the basement of churches.  Many residents felt that the sudden change was the Apocalypse.  The Russian Times estimates that tens of thousands of families are still in hiding:,

[ytvideo videoid=”TC_sV-7-msI”]

In addition to making the sky turn completely black, the storm produced high winds and great torrents of rain.  Weeks prior Obama warned Belarus there would be dire consequences should the nation go forward with plans to criminalize “welfare parasites” from obtaining unemployment benefits.

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Written by Gene Fairbanks

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