Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

Zach Snyder took to Twitter to tease the world with a new trailer for Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  The trailers is designed to build up hype for the big DC movie that will pit Batman against Superman.

Dawn of Justice is based on the works of Frank Miller, a disturbed writer whose bias towards Batman is only seconded by Dick Vitale’s adhesion to anything Duke.  Considering this opinion, the tone for Batman V. Superman will likely have Superman not using his common sense, speed, strength of anything else worthwhile.  Batman will proceed to make a mockery of Superman, beating his Kryptonian hide with his bared fists somehow all while making Superman seem like a chump.  Because that’s how Frank Miller rolls, he really seems to not like Superman and loves Batman. So Superman fans beware.

Here’s the trailer.  Notice that Ben Afleck is also getting billing over Henry Caville.

What do you think?

Written by Archer Kristoff

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