Obama Shoots Rainbow From His Hand, Confirms Homosexual Chemtrail Agenda for America

obama shoots rainbow from hand

Obama took to Twitter to boldly reveal his plans to convert America into a nation of homosexuality, where confused men struggle with urges to abandon their nuclear families and satiate their new primal desires for lurid doses of foreign testosterone.

Only several weeks ago, reports surfaced that Obama was complicit in an Illuminati conspiracy to spray homosexual chemtrails throughout America to make men confused about their homosexuality.

Big American News was first to report increases of per capita homosexuality in the New England region and even in Indiana, where politicians who proposed the Religious Freedom Act quickly backpedaled after being hit with a dose of homosexual chemtrails.  Reports surfaced that Air Force One itself was seen flying over Indiana, squirting out rainbow-colored chemtrails upon a defiant straight-male population.

Days later, reports of men suddenly abandoning their families and standing up to support homosexuality.

Obama’s homosexual agenda is crippling the gender identity for straight males all across America.  Divorce rates are soaring as once great husbands and fathers find a new urge growing within them, a burning primal instinct that can only be quenched by intense doses of foreign testosterone.

New Pew Polls show that for every 100 men, 48 are now secretly or agnostic gay in America.  These numbers stand in stark contrast to the 5% homosexuality rate in America during the historic Bush era.

Liberals tried to deny initial reports of Obama’s overt participation in an agenda to increase homosexuality, but the White House Administration has made it official.  There is now no denying the sexuality of all men is in danger.

obama chemtrails indiana

Flashback – March 27th, 2015:  Obama administration sanctioned Homosexual chemtrail missions are being flown over Indiana. Reports of homosexual outbreaks have increased since 0657 Eastern time.  It remains unconfirmed if the plane pictured is Air Force One itself flying over Indiana and leaking homosexual-inducing chemtrails on the male population.

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