Obama Attacked By Grist Plague of Bees While Reading ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ To School Children

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Early this morning, Obama appeared before a group of innocent elementary school children. Obama chose to read evolution propaganda book Where the Wild Things Are to the children. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a swarm of bees descended upon Obama.

As the children attempted to scream and flee in panic, The Lord of the Flies demanded they calm down and that the bees would not harm them. Why was Obama not defending our nation’s schoolchildren from what could have been a swarming colony of African honey bees?

Despite Obama’s cowardice, this is clearly an act of God. Only days ago Obama made a blood moon rise on Easter, to show his dark powers and devotion to destroying Christianity in America. Obama has also ordered homosexual chemtrails to fly over Indiana, California and New England, dramatically forcing men to become confused about their homosexuality.

God is stepping up his game and unleashing Bible caliber plague in this video. Children fleeing in panic, the Pharaoh staying calm and trying to convince everyone it is just a parlor trick. This is just like it come out of the book of Exodus.

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