Obama Summons Illuminati Blood Moon on Easter Weekend

Obama bought the legendary 'Sword of Omens' with $3 million in tax payer dollars. The sword is said to give the owner of it 'infinite power over death and darkness'. Obama claims he was putting it in a museum of history, but the sword has since 'gone missing'.

obama blood moon

Obama’s association with the Illuminati and his increase in power is obvious to the true believer.   The Bible predicts that during a dark age near Earth’s end, great ‘kings’ would rise and be worshiped by their followers as gods among men.

Biblical science verified that in these dark times, the most liberal and dark king of all would arise and cause the moon to turn to ‘that of blood’ as a show of his power.

Acts 2:20 –  .The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

It is no coincidence that we’re seeing more solar eclipses and blood moons.   Obama is president is fulfilling Biblical policy with his desires to destroy Jesus and reign in a New Age of Liberal Darkness.

Indeed, Obama is seeking to destroy Christianity peace by peace.  Obama is arming Iranians with nuclear weapons, so they may destroy Israel, the writers of the Old Testament.  Obama is letting ISIS destroy historical cities in the Middle East, so ancient buildings proving the Bible can be wiped from existence.

In America, Obama is destroying Christianity by allowing gay marriages and turning Americans against businesses who stand for Christian values.   Obama is grooming the youth of America to applaud when gay bakeries refuse to give service to a Christian, yet wants to put Christian businesses on death row so that standing up for your faith is something no one will ever attempt.

Dear friends, tomorrow is Easter.  The verse from the Bible predicts that before the great day of the Lord’s return, that a blood moon would take place.  A solar eclipse took place only one week ago.  This morning, Earth’s skies were lit red by a blood moon.  Obama is president.

What do you think?

Written by Deacon Higgins

Religious Freedom Bill activist and true American.
If YOU don't LOVE America there's the door. GET OUT and don't come back!


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