Humanity Invents Selfie Shoes


Nearly 5 million years ago the first humanoid species appeared upon Earth.  Early concepts of ‘pack’ and ‘fire’ were crucial for mankind’s early days, assuring continue procreation of the species and evolution through the millenia.

And here we are today, the mighty Homo sapiens, the ultimate of hominid lifeforms on Earth.  Commanding an impressive neural ability that allows us to build ships that can travel to Mars and contemplate the true origins of our very existence. Yes, we are proud and highly evolved animals, but is there a point where perhaps our evolution has gone all wrong?

selfie shoes wowIf it’s not already bad enough that people will spend hours on end trying to cook up Michelin-chef styled hot meals of perfection at home, to only waste hours taking pictures of said meal and letting it get cold to capture that perfect ‘Facebook/Instagram food photo’ to humble brag to our friends, we see our self-fascination has lead us to newer heights of self-indulgent douchebaggery.

Let’s be honest.  While humans are arguably the smartest animals on Earth, we are pretty smug in our existence.

Many of us have friends or co-workers who are convinced that they can eat at Taco Bell and leave a massive in the office bathroom and everyone will stop and ask who ‘spilled the roses’, or at the very least are convinced that everyone’s existence stems around seeing the latest picture of their kid doing the most mundane thing ever.

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But have we actually gone too far with Selfie Shoes?

Was the selfie stick not truly bad enough?

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What do you think?

Written by Gene Fairbanks

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