Nicholas Cage Is Building Himself a Pharaoh Death Tomb in Vegas



Nicolas Cage is known for being wonderfully crazy and eccentric on the big screen, but that does little to explain why he allegedly built a Egyptian styled tomb for himself in 2010.

Sources indicate Cage built himself a giant pyramid in St. Louis Cemetery #1.   Residents who utilize the cemetery are reportedly troubled by the large size of Cage’s supposed death monument.

The pyramid itself is 9 feet tall and contains the inscription “Omnia Ab Uno”, which means “Everything From One”.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is home to some amazing tombs and memorials, but little compares to the giant pyramid which appeared on actor Nicolas Cage’s plot 5 years ago. It’s huge, apparently taking up the space of four ordinary burial plots.

Cage’s plot houses a nine-foot-tall, grey, pyramid, bearing no inscription but the Latin motto “Omnia Ab Uno“, which translates as “Everything From One“.



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