Pokémon Wii U May Be Displayed At E3 2015 (VIDEO)

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A much anticipated E3 this year may reveal more details on the recent news about the Zelda U game being delayed, but may also shed some light on another popular game franchise in the Nintendo family; Pokémon. The recent cancellation of the Zelda U game raised many questions among the fans and also why would they cancel it so suddenly? I believe the answer may be hidden within the beta download of a Wii U version of the popular handheld Pokémon games.

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Could Nintendo be lying in wait to reveal a Pokémon game for the Wii U featuring traditional gameplay? You can download the beta version of the game here:

This Pokémon beta version is everything that a Pokémon game of this age needs to be. It has 3D effects and graphics without having to turn a switch on the 3DS. The Pokémon moves are very accurate and the trainers themselves are also accurate. I find that if Nintendo and the Pokemon Company would open their eyes this could lead to better Pokémon games and a future for the franchise!

So, what do you guys think of the Pokémon beta version? Do you think Nintendo is working on this in secret? Let us know in the comments.

What do you think?

Written by Sandra O'Connor

Professional video game expert. Avid Super Smash Brothers player and foremost expert in the Pokémon series games.


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