Facts About Andreas Lubitz – Co-Pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525

1.  Andreas Lubitz Is German

Andreas Lubitz was a 28-year-old aviator and co-pilot of Germanwing’s flight 9520 that crashed in the Alps.  The young pilot was male and lived in Montabaur, Germany.  Lubitz attended the Lufthansa flight training school in Germany.  The Daily Telegraph reports this is a potential first picture of Lubitz, from his Facebook page.

2.  Lubitz was a young pilot

After attending the Lufthansa training school, Lubitz joined Germanwings in 2013.  Documents show that Lubitz logged only 630 hours as a commercial co-pilot, indicating he was very early in his career in aviation.

3.  Lubitz had access to hijack the plane’s control and send the plane into its descent and crash.  He can be heard calmly breathing on the plane’s blackbox recording while the plane itself is descending into a crash and the pilot is banging on the cockpit door.

Principle investigation into the plane crash reveals Lubitz was the only authorized pilot in the cockpit at the time of the plane’s crash.  The flight’s main pilot momentarily left the cockpit and on his return, both knocked on the cockpit’s door and then frantically banged into it and tried to knock it down.

As the plane descended into a crash, Lubitz could be heard ‘breathing calmly’.  Lubitz had access to specific buttons that would cause the plane to slowly descend as it did and into a crash.  This fact is leading investigators to believe that Lubitz intentionally locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intended to crash the plane.

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Written by Bronco Ranahan


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  1. One of my friends heard that the co-pilot may have been gay and perhaps also on meds? Maybe there was a protest of sorts of how the aviation industry treated him. Apparently my friend says there is a ‘good ol boys club’ mentality at these airlines and they give LGBT pilots a hard time and try to make it tough on them. Probably too early for speculation and the investigators said they found evidence which may give insight. Crazy.

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