First Lady Michelle Obama Bald on Jeopardy

CA5oCr3WkAA7jRL No, First Lady Michelle Obama did not go bald overnight. Some sensational media outlets named are having a field day with the headlines, trying to cause a ruckus over the nature of black women’s hair.

For those who saw images of Michelle Obama last week, you may have seen her full, thick and beautiful hair let down as she visited Japan. But on today’s Jeopardy appearance, her hair was suddenly gone. What happened?

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Simply put, such is the potential nature of a black woman’s hair. Due to the physical structure of a black person’s hair, with correct treatment and ‘texture’ it can be ‘let down’. Many people have their straight hair permed to such a degree that it represents a texture of hair very common among black people. This type hair will appear full and strong. But usually with the application of a little hair product, the hair can be pulled or slicked back into a pony-tail style.

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Michelle Obama had her hair pulled back during her appearance on Jeopardy, but if she were to let it out of its ponytail it we likely regain its volume very quickly.

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Written by Titus Weeks

Big American News contributor.


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